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How to dissolve interview to face a crisis
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When person and person interact, total meeting encounters difficulty or awkward situation, although you guard against extremely carefully, also one cannot say for sure does not happen, especially it is important that in interview this is planted tight situation, the crisis appears more easily. If examinee cannot self-possessed undisturbedly, ad cool-headed answer, the whole area take sb's temperature that often affects oneself shows, even consequently all one's previous efforts wasted, cause interview failure. Expert of net of human affairs exam reminds for reference examinee, the occasion of a few kinds of crises that the likelihood in understanding interview process beforehand appears, get ready answer way, against a rainy day, can strengthen interview confidence already, can lay next foundations for successful interview more.

(One) nervous

This is commonner circumstance. Interview to success or failure of to apply for a job, affect possibly to the career future of a person then bigger, it is to be in new place by stranger interrogate, with reverence and awe, the affection of be swayed by considerations of gain and loss is normal. Little insecurity can help concentration attention, your level of “ show ” rises (oratorical, actor have experience) greatly to this, but examinee is like beyond the mark and nervous fluster, not only can leave bad impression to official of be in charge of an examination, still meet cannot center attention to answer a question, because this must learn control mood. When to put forward to suggest below:

(1) avoids nervous optimal measure, basically be sufficient preparation, and the result that should not try looks too importantly, the competitor that understands oneself at the same time also is met euqally nervous, same meeting is awkward because of making mistake.

(The sitting position of 2) examinee is very significant, want to let ” of him “ lacking in initiative and overcautious as far as possible, sit comfortably on chair, erect waist, the body a little forward bend.

(3) is in before entering interview room, if experience and observe arrived oneself intense sentiment, can do deep breathing a few times; Deep breathing is to alleviate the efficient way of intense sentiment.

(4) is not grabbing answer issue, after official of be in charge of an examination asks, might as well wait for reopen mouth 3 seconds two a bit, it is a bit clearer to can think first so. Want to often take care the speed that oneself talk, look to be told because of insecurity too quickly.

(If 5) is nervous really fierce, control hard, the most well-advised method is calm ground tells be in charge of an examination the official, say for example: “ Is am sorry, I have bit of insecurity really, but in order to let me first sober, rejoin your problem? Normally official of be in charge of an examination can sympathize with ” you, because your honesty is genuine,leave good impression. And you because was told,also come out, feel much more comfortable, intense rate can be reduced greatly.
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