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Sale of estate of garden of scene of interview fine horse is experienced
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The salary that this estate holds two or more posts concurrently is higher, but pass without interview however.

Although do not have interview success, but gains is not minor, I feel or want to be summed up, the target that studies next so is a few more specific. Be no good really inside the school, know outside too little. Want to thank this interview official above all, very good really, did not reject me at the beginning, because indicated at the beginning mandarin and language of another name for Guangdong Province are fluent, language of my another name for Guangdong Province has a problem, why to want to go at that time, it is to seek a part-time job, 2 it is the course that I consider to experience interview. Do other part-time jobs to be done not have how does interview pass. Those mass organizations interview are not actual combat inside the school, not be to be interested too so, be worth affirmation a bit nevertheless, can drill expressive ability. This interview is inside the brain that begins me should be to did not make fun of, above all language of another name for Guangdong Province is no good.

A detail when taking his office is not quite fine, I am more bashful, when be being gone in by the staff member belt outside, I still allude her interview to be over there-------Which pieces of table? , 3 pieces of working tables are inside, before having a piece only, the face has 2 pieces of chairs, a piece of chair is taking female, 2 staff members still are in 2 pieces of tables that rely on a wall additionally the job. First time interview, what to know, quite nervous, this details left bad impression to him. After I sit down, visit that woman student on the side at the same time, still look at the same time take an examination of an official, beginning center energy to listen attentively to quite, passed a little while, I east look look on the west, the staff member that visits another piece of table to go up is over there tabulation, I feel to have bit of incorrect interest, because I am looking,be all round when, his eye also is scanning I, their dialog is listened attentively to again after I am clear. It is another big error really! Because he uses language of another name for Guangdong Province to say to me,saying to take an examination of an official is very: You do “ first I introduce each! I did not wait for ” he says to grabbing say: “ Is am sorry, I won't colloquialism. Mandarin is changed on ” his horse, was turn for me to convey next, very nervous really, had thought also convey did not come out. You resemble “ like chatting, be afraid that you are nervous namely, I changed the clothes today, wear a suit at ordinary times. ” feels self-evident right now, alleviated immediately a lot of. “ you are how to know our company enrols a part-time job, company website, or, , ? ”“ what is your advantage? I answer ” not be very good, the first problem I feel I begin to had searched a company inside Baidu, more cursory in those days, nodded 2 join to did not continue, what understand so is not very sufficient, I dare not say again is on the website search passes, afraid is he can ask me the circumstance of a few their companies does not answer to come up. It is one error, what one problem replies after is worse, did not carry. After nevertheless this question asks, he gave a chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position I fall, you can ask “ ” of a few my problems, I asked 4, be like oneself to hold out satisfaction, 2 are concerned with the company, 2 are concerned with interview. Feel he is especially other and kind. Thank him very much really, not be for the first time at least what be rejected is so miserable. I know I was not hired to go up, he gave me the result, like very much really, I am very happy really when leaving.
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