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Interview after all " try " what
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“ interview is such sly, ” of bow of the person that attract countless to apply for a job, all sorts of carrying impossible to defend effectively of inquire gun attack by a hidden enemy, fancy query emerges in endlessly. The person lets when interview the circumstances of “ head big ” believes friends have experience to pass, a lot of friends feel interview closes namely uneasy, cause a lot of opportunity to do not have cinch, helpless let slip.

Case fluoroscopy:

Those who come from Henan when young lady, be graduated from Zhengzhou campus institute 6 years, after graduation, in Zhengzhou unit of education of sex of a commonweal jackarooed 2 months, midway contacted a middle school classmate of Hangzhou, facilitating the end of the year goes to Hangzhou to apply for a job. But touch Hangzhou the road of the to apply for a job after is bad to go, because the classmate returns a college that is in Hangzhou to read a graduate student, place so that live away from home is in classmate dormitory, after a month comes down, the young lady begins to suffer the blow that to apply for a job fails fully when.

The resume of young lady of its real time has deal very much, key college graduates, professional achievement is outstanding, 3 good student's identification card, CET6 class card, how saying is top-ranking good student, and below the classmate help that learning skill, what resume makes is very beautiful, very absorbing eyeball, but many what invite interview, of employ do not have however. Next period of time, the young lady sums up experience when, wait for problem of interview of the collect on media in network, magazine solve fine medicine, but effects is very small. Until fast two months when, the young lady just receives the employ of company of magazine of battalion of one family property to inform eventually when.

After working more than one year, the young lady begins to feel he is in when the professional future of this unit is a bit uncertain, but the experience of to apply for a job a year ago still lets her to apply for a job nods hold back from taking action against sb for fear of injuring others from time to tome now.

When interview of the young lady when professional adviser is mixed, a of the young lady when we saw the biggest to interview of to apply for a job weakness place — conveys ability not strong. The young lady when be being mixed for the first time meets, advisory assistant spent near 2 hours to just understand us to need in the round a few concern her the data of external capability and idea. When just beginning to chat, a few fundamental conditions, analysis of the ability after advisory assistant helps his guide speech comes out, it is the word that advisory assistant spoke her to want to say almost, the inclination that gets she piles and maintain, as talk development, the alleviation of atmosphere, she just enters the normal state of communication slowly.

Herself discovered this problem early also, perhaps be in with interview official every time very serious situation, she is asked about when what problem perhaps should state what meaning, one when the head buzzs big rise, together with of such psychology change is original not strong expression capability, make interview official cannot understand her situation in short time almost, compare other interview competitor, she is defeated naturally below blast come. Come so, because oneself expression is not clear,mix psychology is maladjusted, the influence caused particular psychological umbrage to her to interview failure, and encounter circumstances of endless and identical interview every time almost, for many times interview fails bit by bit weakened her this not strong self-confident heart, entered a vicious circle on interview then.
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