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Two rounds of interview do LV of calm luxury big shop sign
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Restricted time with boundless, drive coffee to hall hurriedly.

He already waited early over, eating seafood voraciously to fry a meal, raise one's hand is cast sufficient still taking thick student to enrage, what encircle a personage without the vogue in the imagination is missish.

Boundless is Beijing language family of law of one key college is big the student of 4, had received easy · power ascend (the Offer of branch of Beijing of area of LV) group big China, was about to begin to go to work formally in March. He is this year 3 management that LV group recruits in Beijing area groom unripe one of.

“ enters luxury industry actually, think differently with everybody, not so mysterious. ” boundless says so.

In recent years, as the growth that luxury of Chinese high end consumes, while the international luxury company such as LV, PRADA is expanding itself operation, also can be in each university in busy season of invite applications for a job school BBS releases information of invite applications for a job. “ management grooms the nomenclature of invite applications for a job that gives birth to ” to had become each big international company.

Boundless tells a reporter, management grooms unripe namely Management Trainee, it is the talent reserve plan that a few big companies develop administrator of the high level in the enterprise independently. Be groomed to be born by the management of employ, graduate in the university normally after arrive a few years at first each different branches of a look forward to annulus hillock jackarooes, understand whole company to run technological process, later, arrange specific post according to its individual special skill again.

For instance, boundless must accept in advance basic level to groom 3 years, train by turns on each post, rise to grow for inn after 3 years. Basic level of before 3 years grooms, it is the ” of “ serve as a shop assistant in average person eye.

“ actually, a lot of moment, you walk into LV when goods is being bought in inn, the counterjumper that perhaps serves for you has key university undergraduate course, it is graduate student diploma even. ” boundless is laughing to say.

The brigade of the “LV” of boundless, begin from an accidental opportunity. Learn elder sister a higher than boundless to be in Beijing some LV branch works, have the opportunity of a part-time job, introduce boundless to grow understanding to inn.

Boundless says, this is the first round of trial that he enters LV.

Inn grows is a lady that treated 7 years in France, pass type of devil of English, French by turns after “ atttacks ” , the question of interview is not much, have 3 only, “ is right fashionable view ” , how does “ know LV” and “ you feel you can get what ” in LV. Boundless speaks with fervor and assurance a hour, made inn successfully long receive his, begin the pluralistic career in LV inn.
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