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Interview has why ugly 3 broad ax of my " "
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College graduate fast half an year had not found the job, miss Wu is not carried have many irritated, run every day east run on the west, be kept constantly on the run. But, do not know why, namely every time interview fail in a competitive examination. After the news that sees on the net 10 thousand yuan of to apply for a job install Beijing University female Master, in Miss Wu heart easily —— is it possible that is my figure too poor? Then she goes rapidly bazaar flower changed a suit of world famous brand 6000 yuan. From this, miss Wu confidence soars, every time interview looks up hold out a bosom, ambition is high-spirited;

But, still have a problem, the company likes to the job is experienced, oneself just graduated, whats had not worked, and still having several months is unemployment period, how should be written on resume? Think repeatedly, miss Wu can do a dot to alter on resume only, describe oneself into a many-sided person that very able, all meets. Her idea is, this year's unripe experience of it doesn't matter, perhaps oneself “ generalist ” can attract units of more choose and employ persons.

However, in interview process, once human affairs manager speaks of specific working skill, miss Wu still does not answer to come up, often this kind of circumstance, miss Wu fumbles, be flushed, do not know how to should be answered. Costly professional suit became one Fu Kong case, blush even oneself.

But, to apply for a job still wants to continue. Although every time interview is disappear forever, miss Wu still is a resume again color print more than 100, continue ” of seed of “ of broadcast of ” of “ wild land.

In the course successive after the to apply for a job of 5 many months fails, xiaowu decides to abandon “ sea casting ” , she will to the profession seek advice from an orgnaization, seek the reason seat that to apply for a job suffers a defeat, hope on-the-job course of study can find proper job below the help of program division. On the course of to apply for a job that listened attentively to Xiaowu, professional program division discovers, small Wu Zaijian the ” of “ common fault that the defect on all previous, interview is most this year's graduates almost, and also be to comparative the part is on-the-job the problem that the personage often appears. In fact, individual appearance is admittedly important, but this is the one part in resume and interview only.

Professional program division thinks, although preparative resume and interview are ” of “ technology issue, but the hold the balance effect that has to individual to apply for a job however, this has a lot of knowledge among them, the 3 broad ax of “ of reduce resume interview of expert general ” .

The first broad ax: Professional figure is indispensable

In blundering and fast modern society, figure is very important. Investigation shows, manager of half above human affairs is right to apply for a job person figure is valued very, and have more very person, see a photograph be chosen with respect to the resume that undertakes the first round only. So you have ability again, this involves form do not pass, still be a no scope to exercise one's abilities. With what kind of figure should make beautiful thing manager?
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