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Interview: Have the Yao of one pace only from the success
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Of to apply for a job heavy, be in again interview. Somebody fights interview comparing, on battlefield “ victory and defeat is ” of commonplace of military strategist in ancient China. In the big environment that at present talent market begs for be more than, to a lot of to apply for a job person for, the odds that fails when interview wants far outclass to succeed. But some failure can avoid originally, as a result of,be only your temporarily unwary, ability “ carelessness breaks Jing Zhou ” , after making you walk out of examination room, still plaint: “ alas! I ever was close to a success so. ”

“ his Shan Zhishi, can attack jade. Below ” a few conte, to character person, it is introspection undoubtedly; To hearing person, it is the vaccine with absolutely good stitch more.

Story one: Because I am received,heard a telephone call only

“ that takes a phone to just heard male friend feeds ” , my tear did not stop to emerge. I know, this I am complete failure. Last week some company comes when my school attends a meeting a speech, the state of mind that I just am holding understanding in the arms went assembly room. After thinking of to listen, attract me. Then I referred a resume on the spot.

After the person that refer in majority is dropped by the sieve, I was entered fortunately the 2nd involve —— interview.

Sunday morning at 8 o'clock, I come to the guesthouse of company quarter. In the hall, I see have more than 10 people awaiting interview. After I and they talked about a few simply, discover their some does not have financial and professional setting, some comes from local school, this can'ted help increasing the confidence that I surely win: When just when I am intoxicated,the major of finance and economics of famous brand university, social practice activity that has enlisted much home company, appearance still also calculates conspicuous …… , the mobile phone rang, the boy friend is called, exhort the problem that the attention answers when my interview. And meanwhile, a gentleman comes to the hall, sent a piece of form each to us, interpret interview move next. I want to put out the phone, can cannot bear again of stroke male friend well-intentioned, take the hall one horn continues to receive listen. When waiting for me to come back, that gentleman has been told. I know we were made up only date, I am 1. I go by to ask that gentleman: What is “ interview measure, I did not listen clear, bother you to you can say again? ” that gentleman became white I am one, fishily says the area: “ how can you a moment ago pick up the telephone? ”“ my …… because that telephone call is very important. Besides, I also did not delay how long. ” I explain cautiously. “ good, you are the last interview. You ask others is what measure. ” says this gentleman head to also did not answer the ground to go.
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