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Let interview official favour have add interview wise move
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No matter you attend why to be planted the interview of the type, the following proposal can say is 100 try lark, serve a success big patch for you immediately: Let take an examination of an official to like you.

No matter the type of interview is designed how science, there always is very big effect when letting the temperament that the person likes decide in the other side who can acquire position. The person that admires us or as same as our interest, viewpoint person, this is normal human feelings.

1, the similar point of the person that show you and interview and company culture.

You are not identical perhaps, but you should find out the field with your same interest: Method of the movie that likes jointly for instance, job, product, etc. If you make successfully the person that authority decides the interview of employ employee saw your collective point, for example world outlook, viewpoint of value and working method, so the good impression that you won him gains working opportunity accordingly. The following this real story explained this nods just about:

Through the effort of a few months, small strong got eventually with Singapore the opportunity of interview of a big company. A bit when he is planning interview not dare laches. As one part of preparation, small went to the company that before she prepares, goes should trying by force towards evening before today in interview.

He wants to see a company only purely is what appearance after all inside office building, can look in him when, a building manager that sweeping the floor noticed her, and ask whether he needs help.

Small said truth by force: “ I will come here to accept an important interview tomorrow. I want to know this place first. ” that administrator the office the small person that ask interview by force (the formulary) that this perhaps infringed a company, the ship model that makes a few when be placed on high frame work very delicate points to him to look. Apparently, interview person it is the name is collected fan. That day in the evening, small went to time of library by force rapidly, examined the data that concerns old ship.

The following day, when small strong with interview person when meeting, he is pointing to model of among them a ship to say: “ hey! Doesn't that caique with a ha get abdicate bugle call namely? This caused ” immediately interview person good impression, he also got this job chance accordingly.

2. Listen respectfully interview person problem, comment perhaps is experienced

People likes others to listen to him conversation to excel his to hear others speech. If you should say through the summary, repeat, person that respond to interview, make the other side likes you, is not to notice you want what to say merely.

3. When praising, do not do too overdo

When the thing that sees the office is good-looking, you can take the chance to praise a few awkwardness when meeting in order to break, but do not say not was over. Most interview person be fed up with this kind to insinuate undisguisedly adulatory. Contrary, you should cut subject in time- - the job.
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