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HR of invite applications for a job: You find good job by what
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Everybody has been experienced apply for a job, how to search? In how stressing the position that admire in the heart into bursa? In invite applications for a job person, how to choose applicant? The person that how to measure the interview of every perturbed is that feet in their heart? Here a few honored guests, tell us with their personal experience: Without the volition, not tough, without skill, do without integrated quality …… one work how can light and easy?

Be graduated from the Li Bing of undergraduate course of business management major, have experience of two years of works. At that time, the company values her to there is special skill or knowledge in field of information of economy of collect, statistic, analysis, this is before secretary place is defective, did not think of Li Bing is in however with departmental door communicate on encountered difficulty. Original, as the secretary, she should be urged receive summary of sectional monthly job, to a few jobs fulfil a circumstance to undertake dog and supervising and direct, but be over there manager of a lot of branches, she touched nail. Manager of a few branches is flat bring a lawsuit against to office director: This Li Bing is defiant, call authority actually “ ultimatum ” , do not hand in when respecting, list reports a manager, return and assess link up with, deduct bonus! “ when above us much deputy always? ” Li Bing also very grievance, the management that blames a company with the director too extensive, discipline is inattentive, sectional manager style of work is bureaucratic, the plan that appears in the newspaper to this, summary is protracted, or ignore, this makes her essential cannot collect analysis, working resistance is too great! Look, both sides is true still a bit pinpoint to Mai Mang manner. If the staff member of the office and each branch neither one communicate an interface goodly, begin the work very hard normally. But, be forced “ very reluctantly ” of give up what one favours.

Applicant says: Clean out ” job in order to clean out the mood “ of treasure

I am to be in a TV station when the exercitation. In photograph accordingly resembled running together after news of a few months, I am gradually clear: Compared with with video contact with, my strong point more go up in the character, because I am right,the heart of the thing of mining incident backside, character is interested more. Then I from turn around over there the TV station that has seen autograph contract dawn go away. I say to oneself, go magazine company becomes a journalist. After cognizance target, my state of mind is particularly good, apply for a job on the net by day information, the sun one downhill, go out idle away in seeking pleasure, never apply to oneself pressure. Eventually, in boundless and indistinct sea I discover one sparkles splendent needle -- I hold that magazine company is the place that I consider to go.
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