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Group of education of 3 big professions establishs Yunnan today
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The campus construction time limit for a project of “ group is divided period, last a period of time 7 years. first phase comes by 2008 by 2011, first phase construction is total need capital 253 million yuan. The 2nd period come by 2011 by 2015, 2 period construction is total need capital 327 million yuan. ” Yunnan province is light industrial personnel says related duty teaching group, yunnan province is light industrial duty teaching group is with Yunnan school of province light industry, Yunnan saves light industry vestibule school to be bibcock, concern the school and company jointly, the has common cause profession that builds composition according to equal, mutual benefit, freewill principle teachs managerial combine.

As we have learned, in Yunnan, light industry has 22 kinds of big industry, show level dominant industry to basically include: Food, refine sugar, medicine, papermaking, tea, brew, pottery and porcelain, make salt wait. Yunnan " 915 ” of “ plan " point out: Be being bred and expand on the foundation of the pillar industry such as existing tobacco, accelerate a batch of new-style industries such as paper of development forest oar, photoelectron, new material, big thrust reachs form a complete set, the sources of energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanical, medicine, information, building materials into tobacco, farming the development that special local product tastes treatment and papermaking to wait for 10 keys industry, make advantage property base. Will farming the treatment that special local product tastes and papermaking industry label the 10 keys trade that expands energetically, will enlarge estate of papermaking of refine sugar course of study the demand to the talent. Light industrial duty teaching group draws close through enterprise of Xiang Long head, advance vocational school and confluence of industry group deepness, implementation opens the door do duty teaching, stimulative profession teachs catenary and the effective butt joint that the industry expands chain, implementation labour learns organic union, the high quality laborer that is helpful for fostering more adroitness to master new technology, new technology, new facility, serve the development of the industry of new and high technology, burgeoning industry such as contemporary service line of business. Make Yunnan light industrial brand of professional education group, technology of example base, biology develops the exercitation fruit of industry of treatment of the base of exercitation solid example that makes its become course of study of Yunnan refine sugar and education of papermaking industry person with ability, produce the field trip that innovation talent fosters is real example base, can renewable resources (alcohol fuel) .

In Yunnan school of light industry of province of institute of light industrial and advanced profession, Yunnan, Yunnan saves light industry vestibule school to already planned to enter fleabane bright duty teachs first phase of city garden area to ask for the ground on 500 mus foundation, ask for the ground again 500 mus, school of light industry of province of institute of light industrial and advanced profession, Yunnan, Yunnan saves the managerial base that undertakes duty instructs a group and Yunnan construction of new campus of light industry vestibule school. First phase project plans at be being finished before 2010, recruit students of college of implementation high post 2000 people, school of technical secondary school, ability each 1000 people, aggregate student the target of 4000 people, 2 period project project plan was finished 2015, realize student high post 5000 people, in duty 5000 people. Aggregate attain student scale the target of 10000 people.
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