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Competition of exam of Yunnan officeholder employ is intense 872 people are grab
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Yesterday, the Yunnan that is paid close attention to by social height is saved employ exam was in officeholder to save synchronism of 16 states city to begin completely 2008, share 130 thousand more than person (have 28 people of doctoral among them, 2423 people of Master) go to examination room in all. Among them, examinee most centralized Kunming sets 1096 examination room in all, 32752 examinee are referenced.

It is reported, province of this second exam Yunnan provides various mechanism in all 6710 official business

Member post, employ number and enter oneself for an examination number scale is 1: 19.4. The officeholder of this new hire, the mount guard after employ formalities will do before January 31, 2009.

Sign up this year post competition is the most intense is clear connects city to make up do, plan employ 1 person, share 872 people exam signing up to compete. It is those who reflect pair of difficult groups to take care of, ensure because,do not let an examinee impoverished and cannot enter examination room, my province still sets first this year, enjoy a country low examinee of family of absolutely poverty of the town that keep and country, all exam charge is absolved entirely.

Save officeholder structure to improve Yunnan, promote officeholder team quality, this second employ plans to currently hold the post of” of “ village official from complete province in directional and preferred employ 500 people. Additional, save less people to give aid to further and take care of me, in ” of official of this “ village in directional employ officeholder, special provision the Nu nationality that I save, the Achang nationality, the Drung nationality, base 7 population such as Nuo a group of things with common features, the Pumi nationality, De Ang a group of things with common features, the Blang nationality are less the person that ” of official of ethical “ village enters oneself for an examination, record of formal schooling relaxes above of junior high school can, and exam success is OK still and extraordinary add 5 minutes.

Differ with in former years, exam of Yunnan province officeholder will have 2623 this year active service or retire the soldier competes quota of people of enter a school of school of 349 politics and law. It is reported, the major move that this is reform of mode of system of collection of action of school of national politics and law and education of talent of politics and law, the target is quality of education politics business the application with strong capability of tall, practice, compound model team of talent of politics and law.

The publicity that takes an exam to ensure this Yunnan saves official employ, fair, just, in office of undersecretary of ministry of organization of concerned leader of resource of national labor power and group ministry, social security department and provincial Party committee, human affairs grows Jie Yi to wait, to relevant took an examination of a dot to have go on a tour of inspection.
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