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Yunnan teachs high: 5 years of implementation are new span
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Draw teachs 5 years of development high blue print

Managerial condition: Show tribute new campus to build in the round, add school building newly 4 million square metre, complete province college adds an area newly to amount to 5 million square metre.

Managerial dimensions: Rate of enter a school of higher education wool achieves 22 % , student total dimensions 76. 10 thousand person, among them: Graduate student 2. 80 thousand person, common this specialized subject is unripe 47. 20 thousand person, adult higher education and student of other and of all kinds higher education 26. 10 thousand person; Student of college of run by the local people counts scale to raise 30 % .

Managerial quality: Build Yunnan university country 50 strong colleges, college of Kunming grain industry 2 - country of 3 college building 100 strong colleges, 6 - 7 colleges enter countrywide province to belong to congener school to have a kind first, school of 100 powerful high post reachs 2 nations such as institute of technology of profession of traffic of construction good Yunnan 6 provincial school of demonstrative sex high post. Undergraduate course school all achieves level of education of Ministry of Education to evaluate good above standard, 30 % reach outstanding level; High post is high only the school all realizes talent education level to evaluate amount to mark.

Innovation of science and technology serves: Obtain the project of key science and technology such as national “973” , “863” and freely of the class that visit a department to scientific research task 2000 above, scientific research funds amounts to 2 billion yuan, form 50 to affect bigger Gao Shuiping to study positive result to country and area development, 2 - 3 achievement win award of national level science and technology. Industrialization of achievement of college science and technology, application popularizes benefit to break through 50 billion yuan.

Teach internationalization level: Encourage and support college and foreign collaboration to establish 10 Confucius institute, in circumjacent country construction 30 Chinese groom center; International student number reachs 30 thousand person; Student studying abroad of public school of each administrative levels going abroad amounts to 3000 people; Through school time communication is expedited 5000 abroad study arrive in school undergraduate.

4 a lunar month of 30 days set tamp to expand a base

Contemporary infrastructure is built. Accelerate advance a part to show construction of new campus of tribute new campus and college of each state city in elder brother college, show tribute new campus to will complete project construction in the round Summer 2010, strive for 150 thousand student. Will produce the advantage that this campus runs a school centrally adequately at the appointed time, make joint-stock source, the educational natural resources such as platform of news of place of equipment of instrument of implementation persons qualified to teach, books, large education, large-scale exercise, network is shared, credit each other admits, raise educational natural resources to use benefit. Information of document of books of active promotion college serves ability and level of educational informatization application integratedly. Apply university of Yunnan broadcasting television adequately dominant position of network of contemporary and long-range education, active compose builds lifelong education system. Each managerial index all achieves college of complete 2012 province the country sets a standard.
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