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My province wants to groom an education accountant is advanced talent
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Begin from this year, my province plan uses 10 years of time, in the education inside complete province limits profession of 20 countrywide accountings gets a soldier 300 ability, Yunnan save profession of native land accounting to get a soldier of degree of above of 1000 1000 ability, advanced accountant, Masters advanced. Yesterday afternoon, the Yunnan that by the province finance hall establishs saves advanced accounting qualified personnel to foster base to hang out his shingle in university of Yunnan finance and economics, from this, I save advanced accounting qualified personnel to foster a program to be started formally.
According to visitting finance office deputy office grows Hu Qin Pu to introduce, current, my province shares more than 30 accountant from personnel of course of study, among them, the person that undergraduate course reachs above record of formal schooling is occupied only 9.2% , have intermediate accountant from job seniority person only 6.2% . The education of advanced accounting qualified personnel will be learned greatly by Yunnan finance and economics plan the institute is in charge of carrying out.
First complete province is advanced accounting government person with ability grooms will fly a class in November this year, groom cycle is two years, recruit students number is 30 people. During grooming, will implement tutorial system. Without reason be absent from school, half-baked groom the full course study of the regulation, student that does not hand in practice report to wait by the regulation, will be washed out.
Groom after the end, to obtaining honor the advanced accountant of certificate manages a talented person, seek advice from appoint to a position personnel of expert, accounting to continue to teach to save accountant government completely groom coach expert, can obtain actor to obtain me to save task of taking key accountant scientific research first, in task project approving, bid go up with funds support give tilt appropriately etc.