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Cadre of capital talent enterprise " 4 into hill " Yunnan is carried for a mount
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Capital enters hill, cadre to enter hill into hill, enterprise into hill, talent, yunnan province carries out “ general plan of the 4 ” that enter hill, force closes to all sorts of factor of production more Xiang Shan area flows, make a mountainous area development gains more momentum hard.

Yunnan province is typical a mountainous area province, the land area that visits 94 % completely is a mountainous area, the farmland resource of 83 % distributings in a mountainous area, capture a mountainous area development this one key, also held the key that saves rural development completely. For this, yunnan province will advance a mountainous area and integrated development in the round 2009:

—— throws area of much Xiang Shan to tilt. Since 2009, right provincial and affirmatory 200 when should develop mainly in those days a mountainous area villages and towns, yunnan saves finance to will give a key to tilt; Country and province give aid to emphasis of of all kinds and accessorial fund joins Xiang Shan division especially industry of advantage of a mountainous area characteristic; Since 2009, province finance plans the fund of a mountainous area and integrated development of certain amount every year, the key supports industry of a mountainous area characteristic to breed with industrial structural adjustment, various government also plans special fund accordingly; Increase financial department to be opposite the supportive strength of a mountainous area and integrated development, develop organization of new-style country banking actively, support encourages mass organizations of of all kinds business to participate in establish small loan assures, rural finance cooperation and bourg bank, explore loan of a mountainous area industry to assure, loan mortgage new way, agriculture of sex of positive development policy is safe, extend direct financing channel actively, the company of a mountainous area development that raises hold requirement appears on the market financing.

—— talent is in more a mountainous area take root. Advance talent “ to enter hill ” hard, change the condition that the talent outside a mountainous area the brain drain, hill receives hard stage by stage. Execute encourage a talent to take hill policy, attract of all kinds talent to arrive with favourable policy and favorable environment a mountainous area build result do poineering work; Fulfil and perfect the favourable policy of the hill on brainpower; Attract actively go out Wu worker does poineering work via business personnel return to one's native place, make they become the newly emerging force of a mountainous area development; Effective play “ is a mountainous area become rich the action of leader ” , make the promotive system of a mountainous area development, support policy tarry and stabilize a batch active the team of ” of Tian Xiucai of ”“ of “ self-taught expert that is in vast rural area.
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