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Li Xueyong points out when elder brother makes an on-the-spot investigation pers
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25 days, li Xueyong of secretary of leading Party group of department of science and technology, undersecretary is in when Kunming makes an on-the-spot investigation, point out, construction achieves new-style Yunnan, the talent is crucial. Want to value the education of talent of innovation of high administrative levels, provide favorable environment for them, encourage researcher and science and technology entrepreneur to liberate a thought, bold innovation, good-tempered failure, sufficient play is good be the first action, for innovation Yunnan construction contributes his force.

After a Qiu Yu passes, institute of plant of Kunming of Chinese Academy of Sciences is see everywhere green meaning more, pure and fresh. Du Zhanyuan of the member that comprise in party of ministry of vice-governor and Duan Qi, science and technology and relevant branch chief are accompanied below, li Xueyong came above all all right phytochemistry and western plant resource uses national key laboratory continuously. After Li Xueyong was listening to platform of layout of education of the talent in place, course, foundation to build the introduction of the respect, enquire Zhou Jun of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sun Han in detail again direct research direction and lab circumstance. Arrive when understanding grandson when academician is having the research of natural medicaments and development, li Xueyong says gladly, when this age bound, everybody pays close attention to the development of plant resource to use very much, especially officinal floral considers to develop, it is an important matter of benefit mankind more. Should do this thing it is deep, good to do, strive for have new breakthrough. Chinese southwest looked around abundantly in interest after and other places of library of house of specimen of qualitative resource of feral unripe species, plant, specimen, li Xueyong has feeling ground greatly to say, 80 time metaphase once had come to the century on me plant institute, come this again, feel change is very big. The plant can visit only previously, can visit your plant gene warehouse now. Science and technology is in progress, ability also is in the person to grow stage by stage. The talent ladder of plant institute second very good, have old gentleman already, scientist of the youth in also having. Young researcher wants those who learn old scientists to study spirit in, bold innovation, active enterprising, want to have new progress in the development in the future.

Kunming is new and high technical estate development is the base that I visit industry of new and high technology to develop, already formed the development structure that is dominant with the industry such as new material technology, biology technology, environmental protection technology at present. Although be in early,with respect to Ceng Lai this looks around had made an on-the-spot investigation, but the change of change quickly of high new developed area still lets Li Xueyong shine at the moment. In expensive grind when platinic net of Inc. of platinic course of study produces a workshop to look around, look at capacious and neat the high speed of the engine that knit platinum that does not have noise runs, li Xueyong very say admiringly, development of estate of new and high technology should recommend this kind new material company more namely, cover an area of not quite, free from contamination, the product is add the cost is high. Same, biology medicine industry also is the advantage industry of Yunnan, be worth to issue great strength to develop. Li Xueyong says, of the party seventeen emphasize wanting to enhance own innovation ability greatly, want the core element that enhances own innovation as economic competition ability, this gifted our new mission. Below new condition, new and high area should assume an innovation, responsibility that do poineering work, play assemble effect and radiate, be the first action. Innovation construction cannot leave a talented person, new and high area should emphasize a talent fostering especially. To new and high area, the talent is common skilled personnel not only, however the innovation of high administrative levels does poineering work talent. Want to encourage science and technology entrepreneur to liberate a thought, bold innovation, make new and high area becomes industry of new and high technology to develop the upland of talent assemble truly.
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