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Yunnan builds exert oneself form contemporary education system
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From Summer 2008 semester begins, life of ”—— of 3 unripe education teachs “ , live the syllabus that Yunnan of make one's bow of education, life education saves all medium, pupil. The office of office of Yunnan province education that “ reforms official ” title grows Luo Chongmin to building Yunnan in plan compose contemporary education system.

“ station teachs the future of development in Yunnan of the plan on new historical start, want compose to build the contemporary education system that suits with progress of Yunnan economy society namely. The Luo Chongmin when ” is accepting a reporter to interview says so.

Yunnan is contemporary strategic goal of education is: It is jumping-off place in order to get used to need of Yunnan province modernization, in order to develop number with the high quality laborer of ten million plan, number with 1 million plan technical qualified personnel is basic task with large quantities of excellent innovation talents, build lifelong education system in order to perfect system of contemporary countryman education and compose to be core, it is main mission in order to urge innovation of science and technology and intellectual contribution.

He thinks, the structural element of contemporary education basically includes: Idea of team of contemporary education establishment, contemporary system of education, contemporary teacher, contemporary education. Contemporary education has a person to be changed originally, the characteristic such as in a popular style, socialization, internationalization and innovation sex, open sex, scientific sex, humanitarian sex. Contemporary education must implement the basic policy with stimulative fair education in the round, pay attention to development characteristic school, train personalized student, of sex of stimulative education science and humanitarian sex organic and unified; Want to abide by a society to develop the rule and education to develop the rule, make teach the need that suit from beginning to end and promotes a society, do the education of people satisfaction.

How does compose build Yunnan contemporary education system? Luo Chongmin elaborated his conception to the reporter.

It is effort compose builds contemporary education system. Compose is built include a base education, profession education, higher education, continue the contemporary education system that education and mechanism of educational funds safeguard, pedagogic safeguard mechanism and people enjoy educational right to ensure a mechanism inside. Form healthy and organic loop, interactive countryman basically to teach system and lifelong education system, raise Yunnan to teach modern level further.

2 it is to build contemporary education system hard. Advance reforming and opening, build suit with photograph of system of socialist market economy, the educational system that with economic society development asks to suit. Consolidate and perfect the rural obligation that with prefectural class governmental government gives priority to to teach administrative system. Executive teacher of middle and primary school, vocational school is complete member contest is hired, the president enters into an election contest, performance allocation and the contemporary interior that evaluate scientificly run system. Institution of higher learing is holding to Party committee leader, president to be in charge of the premise that make falling, advance contemporary university system to build hard, active exploration legal person administers structural management system. Perfect and the standard is given priority to with governmental investment, the education of much channel finance throws system, advance run by the local people to teach energetically, form fair education the pattern that school and school of run by the local people develop jointly. Form education of preschool education, compulsory education, high school level and higher education hard multivariate the mechanism that investment, polymorphous type runs a school. Perfect country and society fund the system of student of domestic economy difficulty, establish the mechanism that safeguard country and province teach Hui Min policy each to be fulfilled in the round. The develops educational collaboration and communication with domestic international mechanism that establishs all-around, mutiple level, wide field, attract natural resources of international home high grade education. Deepen educational administration structural reorganization, construction ability, service, harmony, clean-fingered model educational administration.
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