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Good about be being done further inductrial injury is maintained and appraisal o
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Office of advance service company is sent [2008]89 date

Each town work and social security bureau:

" byelaw of inductrial injury insurance " (the following abbreviation " byelaw " ) since carrying out, while each district is enlarging inductrial injury to be sure to cover a range ceaselessly, begin lawfully inductrial injury is maintained and labor ability appraisal works, to safeguard inductrial injury worker legitimate rights and interests produced positive effect. But because inductrial injury is maintained, labor ability qualification cycle is long, cause pay of inductrial injury insurance to cannot cash in time wait for a problem. Maintain to perfect normative inductrial injury further, labor ability appraisal works, strengthen administrative efficiency to build, pay the inductrial injury that inductrial injury worker should enjoy in time insurance salary, inform as follows with respect to concerned problem now:

One, fair show inductrial injury to maintain, flow of work of labor ability appraisal. Branch of various labor safeguard should be in undertake to inductrial injury is maintained and work the section office of ability appraisal (center) or the marked position of government affairs hall establishs column, maintain conduction inductrial injury, the working technological process of labor ability appraisal is public at numerous, the program that makes an applicant witting deal with, time limit and the data that should provide, suffer to eyesight, audition be restricted or the inductrial injury worker of invigorative obstacle should adopt proper way to inform oneself or its guardian.

2, simplify program, rise handle affairs efficiency. Complete to material, fact is clear, do not need to investigate checked inductrial injury to maintain application, answer to make inductrial injury hold a decision inside 15 weekday after accepting commonly; Solid to needing to investigate a nucleus, answer to make inductrial injury hold a decision inside 30 weekday after accepting commonly. Ambiguous to working relationship, but department of company of according to service is sent [the regulation of 2005]12 date file gives maintain; Laborer and unit of choose and employ persons deny existence working relationship to produce controversy namely, should tell an applicant to jurisdictional labor dispute arbitrates the orgnaization applies for the arbitration.

The sudden incident such as accident of safety of heavy super production involves the worker's inductrial injury to maintain, answer to be made inside 10 weekday after accepting.

Affection of inductrial injury of inductrial injury duty is stable to plan as a whole committee of appraisal of area labor ability applies for appraisal, appraisal orgnaization should simplify appraisal process, improve work efficiency, answer to make appraisal conclusion inside 30 weekday after accepting commonly.

3, unit of directive choose and employ persons does shutdown of worker of good inductrial injury to leave material benefits of the wages inside firewood period to guarantee the job. Current, after unit of a few choose and employ persons gets hurt in the worker or contracting occupational disease, fail according to " byelaw " the regulation provides medical treatment cure and life safeguard in time for inductrial injury worker, after bringing about partial inductrial injury to the worker produces inductrial injury or contract occupational disease, difficult, life does not have medical treatment cure safeguard. For this, various labor ensures a branch to want to take effective measures, worker of help, directive inductrial injury solves a problem. It is coach and supervise and urge unit of choose and employ persons is strict according to " byelaw " and " byelaw of insurance of inductrial injury of Shanxi province executive
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