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Monthly pay of average skilled worker can amount to Shenzhen 339
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Many people come in invite applications for a job of senior talented person seeks new opportunity on the meeting. Yesterday, the 29th " gathering of heroes " invite applications for a job meets senior talented person to be able to exhibit a center in Shenzhen in 2008 Shenzhen spring 2 house is held, 20 thousand beyond therein sale of advanced technology, management, market kind post is attracted 3. 60 thousand person-time enters. Demand of technical skill talent is big, many enterprises are draw technical skill talented person, drop invite applications for a job " doorsill " , raise compensation wage, monthly pay of post of a little average skilled worker amounts to 339 yuan.

This second " gathering of heroes " it is an our city a field after the Spring Festival is large this year in invite applications for a job of senior talented person is met, field of invite applications for a job amounts to 1 . 50 thousand square metre, gather ginseng of 500 renown look forward to is exhibited. According to sponsorring square Shenzhen city resource of roc Cheng manpower configures limited company to concern chief introduction, our city today spring demand of resource of labor power of industry of new and high technology is exuberant, 80 % demand is centered in Wu of kimono of research and development of estate of new and high technology, production, sale kind position, among them demand of transnational corporation position occupies 28 % , demand of position of well-known company of Hong Kong and Taiwan and home occupies 72 % .

Be in big a group of things with common features before Inc. of laser science and technology exhibits a stage, the person that the to apply for a job of deliver resume comes before the reporter discovers is not little, but nevertheless, personnel of this company invite applications for a job still states talent of research and development and mechanic are enrolled hard. Miss Huang of ministry of resource of this company labor power introduces, because company development rate is rapidder, built a plant, this this company has 200 station invite applications for a job to make an appointment with 700 person, among them mechanic is about to enrol at least 400 person. She says: "At present the most in short supply lathe work, milling, grinding work mixes the company the mechanic such as boring labour. Because be opposite technical demand is higher, past company enrols these technical qualified personnels to ask 5 years to work for the most part experience, a lot of position ask to hold certificate of senior worker worker, but because these talents are bad,enrol now, we must reduce a demand, working experience the requirement is reduced to 3 years, hold is intermediate at the same time of industry letter can. " she discloses, for tarry talent, the labor contract that the company signs to employee is collected persuade 3 + 6 " mode, sign 3 years for the first time namely, sign 6 years the 2nd times, do not have contract of fixed deadline labor the 3rd times with respect to the autograph. "The company goes up every year to the pay of employee control in 10 % , if average skilled worker is done well, monthly pay can be achieved 339. Monthly pay can be achieved 339..
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