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Tens of countrywide homes exposure of pay of pay of IT name look forward to
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One sees on the net very arrogant forked classmate gives this year to a few look forward to this year's unripe pay. . . Very powerful, textual as follows:

The experience with oneself and all round pay circumstance of the classmate, the pay of knowing company, the manner of personnel of company invite applications for a job, the stand or fall of the company, sincere letter spends invite applications for a job entire line comes out, it is to point to the campus invite applications for a job 2008 of course.

1. New treatment of large network of short for Zhejiang Province: 9000, 8000, 7000*13, cent is a few level, basically see your interview and written examination result, next

Still have the float stake of two months, housing accumulation fund also has. Be sure to also have, work together with Microsoft, working hind should be OK jump to Microsoft, those who feel written examination is organized is very confused I receive a phone to go at that time written examination result grabbed portion problem to answer actually without examination paper, was late many minutes 30 answering question.

2. American path is rich: Very relaxed, pay 7500. A few months know, the classmate also has those who take go, in feel nevertheless and imagining so much.

3. China number: 5000*16 month, other do not know not little nevertheless person its refus or break one's promise does not know why, divide written examination and interview.

4. Zhuhai quadrature force: 6500*14 the month still has award feeling is OK still end of the year, invite applications for a job comes up from the organization say pretty good.

5. Shenzhen farsighted first: 10K*13, hearing is by AMSL(A Simai) to bought, interview is technology and algorithm 3 completely, there still is the interview of American headquarters one round finally. Feel face tube manner is very good, and the announcement gives to the announcement after saying 2 weeks, as a whole it is OK still that sincere letter is spent.

6. IBM(CDSL) : 7500*13 800*12, the classmate has 5 to go there, 4 make hardware, one makes software.

7. Trend science and technology: Say 10W is bit more on OFFER, have a fellow student, also a classmate gives refus it, interview hears the person is very good also.

8. Big the Tang Dynasty: 8-10w, acceptance is to give 16 monthly wages, the classmate has those who take OFFER, also have break one's promise.

9. Baidu: Give 16W this year, branch of business affairs search and section of the market are about the same this price. The classmate takes OFFER, because want exercitation boss not to let, it refus, come earlier, written examination spectacle is very great. Niu Ren also N is much. Feel time is too long nevertheless, crossed a many month to just give a response. Or gives OFFER according to believing or. Should jackaroo a month.

10. Intel does not know this year why very few, just give 5000, direct refus dropped my classmate.

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