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Game industry makes the trade with graduate highest income
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Recently, net of China person of outstanding ability releases " graduate firewood requite accuses " show: Game industry makes the trade with graduate highest income very quickly, remove firewood on average to achieve 58388 yuan.

The expert thinks, to the person that game industry undergraduate waits for to apply for a job, "Skill + record of formal schooling " will be to devote into burgeoning industry to compare right choice, although at present game industry of China returns Han of United States of be not a patch on, day, but China has what cannot predict, huge potential market, have the substantial culture natural resources that can regard game industry as core and sth used to one's own advantage, as the drawing near of 08 Olympic Games, beijing " originality industry " develop, game profession is sure to become one of professions with the hottest henceforth period of time, if graduate of old technical secondary school teachs these conditions and profession effectively union to rise, their professional career is sure the road that is a success that is full of flower and applause.

According to field of newest game duty 10 adult enrage pop chart, game development and concoctive personnel still are game business most the talent that be badly in need of. Average monthly pay already broke through game industry 5000 yuan, senior talented person is in short supply more in, monthly pay is close 10 thousand yuan, top yearly salary can amount to 300 thousand yuan.

At present the talent demand of network game industry submits pyramid form, ground floor is the talent such as operation, support, service, the middle is game design and development talented person, tower needle is chief inspector of chief programmer, art, plan chief inspector, in the near future our country needs design of 200 thousand game and development talented person. Besides, the technical qualified personnel such as administrator of game of guidance of the promotion of the conduct propaganda that pack that game derive gives, press, strategy, network also is in deficient condition.

The personage inside course of study thinks, a lot of more current to apply for a job person be in school the 3 main accomplishment with had been had better to 4 years of time, can say to have higher starting point, but the biggest short board depend on knowledge comparing ability of dated, practice weak, lack practice experience, because this does not accept enterprise favour; Because lack experience and understanding to the society, a lot of to apply for a job person drive in the panicky psychology to unemployment below, perhaps issue curtly him choice not to know the work that also is not interested in the opinion of family; After entering a business, as a result of skill level and professional quality respect defective also can bring quite long " duty field concussion period " , hard shape up. If can aim at the industry with a wide perspective, be aimed at specific post, the interest that combines oneself participates in the profession with specific target to teach, to to apply for a job person the get twice the result with half the effort of development it may be said in the future. Gap of game industry person with ability is at present big, enjoy very good policy environment, the vocational training that adopts scientific system enters field of this one rising sun, the player also can have good prospect.
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