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The net swims education is popular average monthly pay cuts game trade 5000 yuan
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Current, game industry is advanced in the round, each big play business lacks the game talented person that has experience, vocational training drives talent market further hot, chinese game talent will face unprecedented opportunity 2008. The 18th times Chinese internet network develops state statistic report to show, number of our country netizen already exceeded 123 million, among them network game user already exceeded 29 million.

So huge market, cannot leave the supply of professional resource necessarily, the person that this gives broad society the occupation, undergraduate provided vast development space. The graduate that there were 1823 relevant majors last year was on game post, obtain employment rate exceeds 80% ! The big obtain employment market to competing at present, it is a not small a shot in the arm really. As originality industry fervent, game industry makes the trade with graduate highest income very quickly, average yearly salary achieves 58388 yuan, list 3 armour in all with IT, medicine.

As originality industry in recent years the self-identity in the society is spent rise gradually, hope the number that joins this industry also grows day and day. Findings shows, the metropolis after the information of invite applications for a job of companies of a lot of game research and development is announced is attracted large quantities of applicant, but the person with ability that accords with business demand truly is little however little. The company is right practical and compound model the cry of talent demand is increasingly rising. And the person with ability of game research and development that lacks relevant skill experience is little however little.

According to field of newest game duty 10 adult enrage pop chart, row the 3rd, 4 game development and concoctive personnel still are game business most the talent that be badly in need of. Average monthly pay already broke through game industry 5000 yuan, senior talented person is in short supply more in, monthly pay is close 10 thousand yuan, top yearly salary can amount to 300 thousand yuan. Expert of resource of manpower of net of China person of outstanding ability expresses, at present the talent demand of network game industry submits pyramid form, ground floor is the talent such as operation, support, service, the middle is game design and development talented person, tower needle is chief inspector of chief programmer, art, plan chief inspector, in the near future our country needs design of 200 thousand game and development talented person. Besides, the technical qualified personnel such as administrator of game of guidance of the promotion of the conduct propaganda that pack that game derive gives, press, strategy, network also is in deficient condition.

In addition, the personage inside course of study expresses, the attention that the country should increase pair of game properties and breed, through publishing more advantageous policy, build good industry to develop atmosphere, this swims to prospective China net industrial meaning is far-reaching.
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