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Undergraduate firewood fulfil asks to tend reality (1)
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Subordinate of center of guidance of obtain employment of undergraduate of Ministry of Education " Chinese undergraduate obtain employment " the magazine announced those who face 2008 graduate " first selection of undergraduate obtain employment is investigated " result. This Chinese undergraduate first selection is investigated, it is afterwards 2001 the 3rd round of investigation after 2004, extend through campus questionnaire, in by a definite date in time of two months, call in in all effective questionnaire 17251 questionnaire. Findings makes clear: Undergraduate obtain employment chooses gradually hasten reason.

The higher education of obtain employment trend that pays close attention to times of in a popular style entered period of in a popular style, how does graduate answer the change of times of obtain employment of in a popular style, how do their view to unit of to apply for a job, choose and employ persons and oneself development consider? Is the obtain employment viewpoint of value of contemporary China undergraduate what kind of? Does the undergraduate need those helps in seeking working course? Understand these problems to be in charge of branch, college to have referenced value to education, have important sense likewise to the enterprise.

For this, investigate afterwards this 2001 after 2004, basically be big 3, grind 2 be born with the specialized subject that was about to graduate 2008 spread out, in order to enhance directiveness. Enter college spot to extend the college of questionnaire included: University of Beijing University, Jilin, south open university, Hua Dong many 20 thousand undergraduate of more than 20 university such as college of industry of grain of university of Normal University, Wuhan, Hunan university, Zhengzhou university, Sichuan university, Qingdao, among them the schoolboy is occupied 60% , the schoolgirl is occupied 40% , the undergraduate source of student that participates in investigation comes from municipality of city of countrywide all province.

Accordingly, this " findings report of company of Chinese undergraduate first selection " will the following problem brings into investigation limits: Viewpoint of value of overall undergraduate obtain employment is analysed; The undergraduate hopes most the enterprise of obtain employment; Where does the appeal of the enterprise come from? Appeal analysis; In each disparate industries, what enterprise is the undergraduate's first selection; Conduce to through what channel deepen an undergraduate the impression to the enterprise; The undergraduate hopes what to obtain from inside inaugural enterprise most; The undergraduate is in the tendency of the area to the job; What to decide to main factor has undergraduate choice professional; The undergraduate needs an enterprise to provide which kinds of information; Undergraduate to to apply for a job, one's deceased father grind to choose with what go abroad; The undergraduate is right the evaluation of the news channel that wins obtain employment to apply for a job. Undergraduate of the obtain employment orientaton of the obtain employment psychology that understands an undergraduate with development, undergraduate, understanding to the society (unit of choose and employ persons) understanding.
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