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Golf child: Luan?000 yuan
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Recently, carry on promotes prefectural v/arc be on the throne to spin talent market gently to hold obtain employment of graduate of old technical secondary school to negotiate at the Zhejiang province of city of trade of Ke Qiaohua couplet meeting, spot atmosphere is achieved in high temperature day " boiling point " , the cool wind that air conditioning blows is essential before huge crowd of people of no help. Allegedly in the morning 10 when make " height " period of time, the spot has 669 people! A 88 buses driver says, pardonable the business is so good this morning, he already " pull " several batches of people attend invite applications for a job to meet to here, compete really now intense, labour feel embarrassed searchs...

 Those who apply for a job is graduate, return than last year this year much

Last noon 12: 30 the left and right sides, the reporter negotiates in obtain employment meeting site sees, before stall of unit of a lot of invite applications for a job still round the student that apply for, the staff member of unit of choose and employ persons of the invite applications for a job that set booth can eat lunch by turns only. "Attend this year negotiate the graduate of the meeting is more than last year, still can rest midday last year, to afternoon basically not much person, this the spot returns so much person, we must stand fast midday before stall. " carry on promotes small Xiaohe of staff member of 100 beautiful artistic centers plaints: The work searchs harder than a year one year really.

Before the stall of qualificatory examine and verify that starts prefectural sanitation system in carry on, return a move to grow senior team because of the graduate that enter oneself for an examination, the staff member is forced will already the snack of try to win sb's favor is put aside aside, the person that the help enters oneself for an examination deals with formalities. The reporter notices, this carry on promotes prefectural sanitation system to be pressed down each (street) the post of hospital invite applications for a job is being written " do not include formal facilities the staff " , but the person that comes round to apply for or in an endless stream, copy at the door duplicate room aside the team of the data discharges those who grow longly from beginning to end.

  Enter oneself for an examination institution, 141 quota of people have competition of nearly 1000 people

It is reported, obtain employment of graduate of prefectural old technical secondary school is promoted to negotiate in this carry on on the meeting, carry on promotes a county to face a society to admit by examination publicly at the same time consult the staff member of the institution 141 knead dough admit by examination to college graduate 140 " village official " (include community staff member) . The reporter saw in the spot yesterday, spot institution admits by examination sign up and " village official " admit by examination before the stall that sign up still the most crowded, in sponsor an unit the two qualifications examine and verify of designed open up is indoor, the person that queue up to await the to apply for a job of examine and verify of qualification signing up packs whole room watertightly.
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