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Mai Cheng flees how to do in promoting duty big fight
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The position that the company checks the job to may want to involve you recently rises fall. Perhaps you work hard, result is right, entire company admits you are a person that respects property, but, book of new appoint to a position comes down, you discover, the staff position that takes a company together with you rose, and you still are in place footfall. Likelihood the situation is even a bit worse: He comes late than you, climb ” to get than your “ however fast, rise high. Again a bit worse, under the leader …… choler that he became you unexpectedly, how can be you done?

Be stupid behavior a variety of

Abdication does not work under stretch

Two comes at the same time girls in the company, outstanding achievement is pretty good, arrive before appoint to a position of the end of the year, entire company is being passed, say two people want “ to be promoted ” . They had made preparation, the job that leaves one year repeatedly plans in advance has been done. But, “ official ” have only, the result can be one goes up only, one is not moved. Immobile refuses to obey in that heart, one impulse resigned.

Although she rose job in another company, but arrive after all a new environment, everything wants to begin afresh, expended setbacks one time again. Work in the same place very for her regretful, if she does not go, can go completely to other department, make greater success one time. Resignation does not offer under stretch.

Express avowedly grouchy

It is special on duty field abstain from state oneself are grouchy avowedly. You need not glad, but you cannot put it on the face, because that meeting affects others, also may give others with an opportunity given by- - their meeting gossip: Look, the leader is new promote that person that come up to be no good, the person that joins themselves department is ill-affected. Is this handle giving a person?

Carry pole with its load of intended put down

In some popular feeling grouchy can not say on the mouth, you see him who compare all the day glad like, ask him he also says to support, cooperate new leader of what, but actually, he does not work, all the day the “ on the mouth draws cake ” , namely not a secretary in charge of sth. Rest even remove sick leave to come, knows his what defect also is done not have actually. Before sending small disposition, must think first, oneself gave a note however, in the heart delighted, can who is final losing, what be? It is yourself, it is yourself's fame.

Frame sb circumvent

“ has a mistake to want to expose, without the mistake production mistake also should expose ” , this violated duty field standard not only, disregard ” of morality and justice of “ all corners of the country namely simply. But, if VIP does not know, unless personal Mo Wei, become known of mean thing early social evening falls at the day, await in those days, not only present company won't leave you for certain, it is other company, if knew this kind of evildoing, can you still let you work? So, others of frame sb circumvent, be equal to “ alienate oneself at people ” .
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