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12 kinds of methods step rising drive
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1, might as well will check you to spend to occupational satisfaction with the pillow: Admire a head from the pillow in the morning everyday, when thinking of to want to go to work, whether do you have the feeling of in spirits? No less, become you in the evening everyday recumbent pillow lays down when coming, whether to feel happy to the positive result that obtained that day? Indeed, the answer of these problems cannot be affirmative forever; Whether can if the solution is old,decide, that perhaps is really when you should change exchange labor to make.

2, ask a boss to point out your what respect needs to be improved ceaselessly.

3, must let others know: Your or is the first goes to work everyday, or is the last everyday come off work. Both perhaps hold concurrently and have, but do not if things go on like this. This is professional career in good germinant, but the life that is not a kind of ideal after all.

4, the reputation that should establish a “ to solve problem hotshot ” . If a certain difficult problem falls to you desk, do not lazy and pass on lets other solve.

5, although you are obtained commment is “ shows lubricious ” , how must still be alertly make more excellent show in the future.

6, the job that having all round attention. These domains are potential growing opportunity.

7, think of method is taken year report of the competitor, it will help you and industry maintain consistent pace, the competitive dominant position that and be known more deeply reachs him company with experience.

8, if you like does business really, will following sb's heels successfully and come.

9, the other colleague that follows a company goes out to eat lunch, so that know their working content and sectional state morely. Let their speak out freely, you simply listen with respectful attention.

10, should learn ” of “ touch net. Professional preferment says to resemble with its is to climb ladder, be inferior to saying more resembling is to be on a piece of net ascend. Want: Whether did you all already use all social connection with the best will in the world?

11, in working, if you are paid more than what get, final, the sure meeting that you get is more than what pay.

12, if you face a kind of such choices: Or does you are beloved, but pay has 20 thousand yuan job only, although can be earned,or does to 50 thousand yuan you however the work that from the start does not like, so, beardless and hesitant, it is good to pick that 20 thousand yuan job simply, can sleep in the evening so comfortable become aware, your life can compare a choice absolutely another job comes abundantly.