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Outer look forward to promotes to a high office quickly 6 gist element
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In recent years, be in China as the foreign enterprise of business extend, “ talent this locality changes ” to become the urgent matter that the foreign enterprise develops, more and more in square employee entered layer of foreign enterprise management. The foreign enterprise chooses employee to basically try to consider from the respect such as record of formal schooling, actual strength. Taller to raising the requirement of duty, more captious. What kind of talent can get rising chance in the foreign enterprise?

China and foreign countries teachs background

The foreign enterprise is opposite ceaselessly native land talent appoint with important task, the affirmation that as native land to China as them talent develops and self-identity are concerned. The chief of firm of head of a hunt says, in the person with ability of government of native land high level that they recommend to the foreign enterprise now, having tall record of formal schooling for the most part, have study abroad and go abroad groom of experience occupied 90% , beautiful book Chinese also has many.

Have excellent strong point

Do foreign enterprise person, you should have Value(value) , invite applications for a job of manpower resource department you, have Value because of you namely, they can depend on your director, arrange you in appropriate position, on this position, you should can complete competency works, the person that own job cannot be competent, he does not have what future, await him only by natural selection.

Have intense responsibility heart

The employee in the office work is not measure its to work with time, be in charge of spending with its however with other the capacity that finish is measured, the own job that finish is the responsibility of employee, when staff job is half-baked inside 8 hours, working overtime is the thing inside the portion more. You should have deep love for your job, your profession, also have only such, the company just can give you to be repaid accordingly. In the foreign enterprise, active demand offers promotion is to suffer encourage, because the foreign enterprise thinks, you ask to take on regular job, mean you to be willing to assume bigger responsibility, reflected you to have confidence and have the courage that goes after up.

Have study capacity

The foreign enterprise thinks, a first-class staff can use all opportunity study, absorb new idea and method, draw a lesson from inside the mistake, learn from inside the mistake, make same mistake no longer. A person that does not love study is in current society does not have a future, the knowledge that university institute learns can be occupied only in the job 20% , the knowledge of 80% above needs to doing a middle school, a person is not good at learning, cannot accept new knowledge, new mastery of a skill or technique, also do not have what latent capacity to be able to be dug, without development but character.
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