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Rise duty to need endurance most
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In recent years, because competition is intense, so, the state of mind that duty field person goes flabby, mood is blundering, the profession is blind, wander into common phenomenon. Want to succeed somewhat on professional development actually, wait to raise the chance of duty raises, it is a very serious problem patiently, need goes all out in work to have very strong endurance on on-the-job field namely, very high setback quotient (AQ) , otherwise, very difficult of one pace up ascend, publish more expensive platform, if state of mind is blundering, without endurance, make oneself leave a success farther.

One, apply for a job ” of need “ endurance

Apply for a job, one the most important is “ person hillock matchs ” , if you suit post, the enterprise can be taken a fancy to and foster you, develop the opportunity of specialty and ability to you; If post suits you, then you like to do this work, and leave no stone unturned has done it, get grow and developing from which; If “ person hillock matchs ” , that is you and enterprise produced “ resonance ” , such, can plunge into a root in the enterprise, next be well established and vigorously developed, get development.

Big Lei Gang graduates from the school when, the heart is angry but tall, general job does not look to go up eye, must look for a big company to do a perky white-collar, but, as a result of have high aspirations but little ability, have grandiose aims but puny abilities, often make friends with a man of higher position do not go up. After classmates find the job in succession, big Lei Hai is rushing about, oneself feel to do not have face very much, then, confused not choose road, overcorrect, sought an as irrelevant as professional fine long hair job. But, however addle of state of mind, feel the work is too simple, who is able, it doesn't matter develops, very regret, irritating, anguish is depressed. Then, feel to should be oneself through professional doctor feel pulse, go seeking the job that oneself suit again, professional adviser firm evaluates index according to 18, wait for record of formal schooling of each evaluation index, experience, ability, disposition, hobby, specialty by advisory division again, combine information of the market, industry, position, undertake 10 analysises, undertook professional fixed position is mixed finally make development plan, include industry fixed position, direction fixed position, position fixed position among them, firewood fulfil fixed position a lot of. Guard a pass again strictly for him, certain VIP hillock matchs, have good germinant, choose the job through, pass an enterprise to be chosen to his again, because pass major to coach, every time interview forestalls his opponent by a show of strength, answer freely, sit eventually a good position, now, the job of big thunder is enthusiastic but tall, restored again before young, optimistic enthusiasm.

2, ” of endurance of “ of dry job need
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