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8 years gold comprehends field of some white-collar duty
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1, hard

The job should try hard, getting along anyhow also is 45 years to pass, try hard a little also be 45 years to pass too, of effort also be 45 years to pass too, why to try hard well dry. If try hard 45 years, this the following to us life is very helpful.

2, modest study

Much with older than oneself person (elder) / successful personage communicates study, should modest listen to / the opinion that analyses them seriously and proposal, lest roundabout way takes after oneself.

3, free

Come out outside do a business, the key is free, happy, can acquire knowledge. Every make a move wants an analysis, did not limit oneself freedom because of some bit interest. Remember, 30 years old before, not too the deposit that cares about oneself and position, these say to coming later too negligible.

4, target

Attend 21 days to train battalion, raise oneself to implement the quality of the target and method. Life must have a cause, it is a career not just (make money) target, other side also should have a cause, be like the target of love respect, the target of healthy respect, the target of domestic respect. Each targets want to take seriously. Earned money only, do not calculate successful life, also can answer sooner or later ” of effect of “ short cask.

5, plan.

Decide a Five-Year Plan to oneself, plan 10 years. Every quarter does what business, every month does what business, do what business everyday even. Not everyday ignorant. Say what plans to dare not go up of change, you can discover after a few years, come a few years aimless all the time, whats don't have make it.

6, when cherish.

If you did above, I reckon your time passes very quickly. Because of,do not want incompetent and compunction! I often listen to so-and-so to say: “ this all one's life, just like same today yesterday. ” Mao Zedong says: “ heaven and earth turns, time force. Too long 10000, seize every minute. ”“ goes 38 years, a snap of the fingers between one brandish. ”

7, understand a society

Understand a society more, much practice. The cause and effect that analyses certain society phenomenon more is fierce relation. The certain thing that produces beside serious analysis. Face up to social the seamy side, analysis socially certain and undesirable ethos, not great-hearted and prideful, also do not drift with the tide. Certain moment does a business, need this respect help.

8, do not fear poor

Perhaps do not have in your home hundred thousands of about a hundred 10 thousand. Go boldly doing a business, do not be afraid of poverty. Although our thing is done,failed, we are alarming return start —— or poor.

9, hard-working

Do not be afraid of bear hardships. In poineering phase, what we want is fame, it is experience, protecting occasionally this can compete with others below the circumstance with low strategy. What we betray is bit of mental work, effort is vivid, youth, sleep shut-eye rises whats restored.
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