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What duty field old bird goes to work the first day is expostulatory
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If we have the Na Mei in mythological fokelore demon lens is much better, let a person see forever the most beautiful oneself, magnify our energy 100 times.

Is there abracadabra in real life? Like Alibaba, open the tomorrow that eyeful brights for us?

Actually very old rate depends on yourself. You are demon lens, you are abracadabra.

" give Shui Furong " how that dance teacher in says: “ looks up, quite bosom, receive an abdomen, feel oneself are the most beautiful ……”

If say what can divulge what to have, that is, the first day when prepare you to step duty field well (it is the first day of) on actual time meaning, in the future you knew, this day is a day when be full of mystical force, it is easy that you show in this day the advantage that come out and defect are such by enlarge, even in future very long period of time is alluded.

It is a few very small businesses, look up as “ , hold out bosom, ” receiving an abdomen, and a few psychology that accomplish very easily are alluded, feel as “ oneself are the most beautiful ” , not difficult really, the key is to should be written down go doing.

Wear business suit, still do not wear business suit, this is a problem

· thinks in those days

I report for duty to the company, very optional, dress dresses up and at ordinary times about the same also, I feel that is a company that gives priority to with the technology, need not too sedulous, and I discover when the firm practices, everybody is very optional, go to work those who wear the jeans also have, I feel me should with everybody “ becomes one with ” .

When the result goes reporting for duty, discovery and my Wang Shuang to technical ministry a suit business suit, let a person shine at the moment, I and he is joking: Boy pretty is handsome! Actually in my heart a little lose.

Assemble to administrative department, like seeing most person and me, my psychology was balanced immediately, still some cannot help the ground is in the heart jest Xiaowang, of old hot days, wear so much, it is oneself look for a blame to suffer to oneself really!

But of administrative department groom the director is like not so look, he likes Xiaowang quite. Xiaowang is appointed to be young group leader, many days 20 groom, he also is helping a person in charge really, did many things for everybody, very suffer reputably. If ” of “ Wang Shuang is a brand, his famous spend and beautiful praise degree promote substantially, and I, still be a little sign.

I get pay later, the family does not know I am which branch, I must say, I take a company together with Wang Shuang, the family understood.

· if days can flow backwards

I think I choose none can hesitantly to wear business suit, make tie. Dress is a signal actually, show you above all will go to work to the company regard as a very serious issue; Next, make clear to you are very heavy formal person; The 3rd, business suit makes person more spirit, make you easier be noticed, the form of —— of a word on apply mechanically aesthetic has substantial meaning.
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