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Pattern plate of financial personnel resume
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Full name: Sexual distinction of XXX     : Male

Political appearance: Party member nation: Chinese

Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course   is professional: Money is met

Connect a telephone call: XXXXXXXX mobile phone: XXXXXXXXX

Contact an address: Beijing east ave of XX of the city zone 10 postcodes: 100007

Educational setting

Graduate school: Beijing finance college 1993.9- - 1997.7 money will be professional

Working experience

1999.3---Up to now cashier of XX group company, accountant

* is in charge of business accounting of industrial business cost of material, sell come-and-go account business accounting, business accounting of money of receivable, an account payable, each sell index business accounting, statistic

* assistance is in charge of an accountant to have other routine, cash management

1997.9---Limited company of 1999.1 XX science and technology aids manage accountant

The fund telegraphic transfer money between responsible branch and headquarters works / of account of the diary that finish login and handle / handle the statement between month and every Bank of China / the duty Wu forms for reporting statistics that seasonable service weaves according to general ledger


* aids manage accountant title, be familiar with system of national finance affairs and relevant policy code

* English 6 grade level, be familiar with the writing format that books of all sorts of English business affairs case

* adroitness masters computer ABC, can carry adroitly Powerbuilder, SQL language FOXPRO, Powerpoint, Office97, Foxbas have computer software application and development, have better computer network knowledge

* mind is quick, disposition is sedate, responsibility heart is strong, have stronger group mind

This person disposition

Optimistic, modest, self-discipline, self-confident (according to this person condition)


The most important is ability, believe you can feel I am the appropriate person selected of this position! Expect the interview with you!