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House property is advanced stencil of resume of project manager Chinese
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Individual personal details

Full name: * * *

Connect a telephone call: * of * of * of * of 135 * *

Currently hold the post ofa post: Project manager

Sexual distinction: Male

The birth date: On December 1, 1968

Citizenship: China

Educational degree: Labour learns a Master

Professional competence:

(1) construction engineer

(2) instructor

Language sort: Mandarin (mother tongue)

English (good)

Special skill: The management of each link mixes familiar project working flow, include design, jail manage, construction, action bids and formalities condition is examined and approve to wait related agreement, government, have solid be designed with extensive professional knowledge and rich project and manage experience, have very strong harmonious capability and affinity, working responsibility heart is stronger, have stronger group mind, can be accepted and assume challenge sex of the job and pressure, be familiar with the administrative concept of the foreign enterprise.

Resume: I was graduated from * * university in July 1998, waterpower project is professional, obtain labour to learn master's degree. Was graduated from institute of * of * of * of * * * in July 1991, industry and civil building are professional, obtain bachelor's degree. Department of estate of company of communication of * of * of * * * works now, hold the post of project manager and senior engineer. Have project of more than 10 years of constructions relevant experience, the respect such as the design that has undertaken the project such as project of housing project, civil engineer, landscape, project management and college education works.

The profession experiences:

1.2003.10~ up to now, work in department of estate of company of communication of Shenzhen * * , hold the post of project manager and high structure engineer. The project that basically is in charge of has:

Project of * of * of * of * of * of 1) * * : Project total floor area 250 thousand M2, among them fair build 82 thousand M2, on the ground 20, underground 2; The residence 154 thousand M2, on the ground 18, underground 1; Floor area of village form a complete set 14 thousand M2. The control of main and responsible project from the cost that designs construction whole process, quality, plan, and project participates in each between Fang Zhi harmonious wait for the job.

2.2002.10 ~ 2003.1: * of * of * of * of * * * limited company, hold the post of senior engineer. Responsible main item has:

Overall landscape of * of * of * of * of * of 1) * * designs the harmonious management of the project: This project is freeway of the first zoology of countrywide, environmental protection, travel, full-length 114.4Km, include 12 to collect fees station, 3 serve an area, 12 each other are connected, 12 typical a section of a highway, stage of scene of a view.
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