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Stencil of resume of property administrator Chinese
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Ego evaluation

Provide old estate to sell experience, and property management experience of 2 years, have " card of mount guard of manager of property of company of countrywide property management " , understand advanced property management concept, good organization coordinates ability.

Individual information

Full name: Sexual distinction of   of XXX     : Age of female     : 30 years old

E-mail:   of   of   of   of   of   of XXXXXXXXXX     connects a telephone call: XXXXXXX

Address: Postcode of   of   of   of   of   of date of XXX of Shanghai Nanjing road: XXXXXX

Working experience

Management of property of Shanghai XXXX square was in —— now in December 1998 chief of property government department


The relevant work program that establishs property government reachs a system and supervise carry out;

Build and foster professional property to run a team;

Make and popularize concerned property to recommend a plan;

Make the respect such as executive maintenance, clean, safe examination the job plans and examine executive case;

The client is recieved, the job such as personnel administration;

August 1994 ——1998 year client of company of development of Shanghai XXXXX house property served in December


The sale of responsible commodity house works;

Assist property department manager to handle day-to-day management work;

Daily guest room seeks advice to work with complaint handling;

Educational setting

In Feburary 1991 ——1994 year Beijing is industrial and commercial in July specialized subject of university business management

Groom experience

Post of director of company of countrywide property management groomed in March 1998 class

Professional specialty and skill

Good communication skill reachs patient and painstaking work style of work;

Old property manages experience, have very strong general affairs to handle ability;

Be familiar with real-estate industry, clear to working flow;

Have letter of property manager mount guard;

Use office software adroitly;

Simple English communicates ability;

Expectation salary: 2500 yuan of —3500 yuan / month