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Pattern plate of resume of 08 graduate graduate student
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Du Mou

Beijing ×× university learns × building ××1000××

86-10-1234-567-8900 86-10-1234567


Intent of to apply for a job

××× , ×××

Educational setting

Direction of ×× of institute of ×× of university of ×× of Master 2005/09~2008/04 Beijing (rank 0/00)

×× of university of ×× of 2001/09~2005/06 bachelor Beijing is professional (rank 0/000)

Circumstance of bear the palm

“××” enterprise fellowship, integrated rank the first, fasten the 000 person that philtrum wins a prize exclusively completely; “×××” enterprise fellowship; School first prize learns gold;

Beijing is outstanding graduate; School is outstanding member, outstanding round cadre, school 3 good students (successive two) ;

Cup of “××××” of Beijing ×× university does poineering work first times plan contest is second-class award; 0 years countrywide undergraduate maths builds modular contest to take part in the match successfully award;

What guide a League branch to obtain 0 years Beijing is outstanding League branch

English reachs professional skill

◆ passes national English; TWE (TOEFL of cent of 46 class;TOEFL000 writes a part) 0.0;0000 year contest of countrywide undergraduate English is second-class award

The literal strength with solid ◆ and good expressive ability, ever was in " ×× signs up for " on publish article “××××××××” and “×××××××”

◆ is familiar with mobile technology, especially TD-SCDMA, the setting of WCDMA and CDMA2000, development, knowledge estate market is made, sale of operation, terminal, business; Use EXCEL adroitly, powerPoint and SPSS software

Exercitation experience

Center of 2006/11~2007/04×××× Beijing research and development is wireless communication group trainee (full-time)

◆ dogs trend of latest technology of TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, collect, arrange wireless market data, undertake thorough industry grows an analysis, with the person collaboration finishs “TD-SCDMA Content” , finish “CDMA2000 Content” independently;

◆ and partial manufacturer communicate communication, assist big Tang Yi to move the new business that has TD experiment net successfully to demonstrate;

Understand the development of 3G industry catenary and newest trends deep, increased the analytic problem, capacity that communicates with the person; Accumulated the compose experience that English market industry reports

2005/11~2006/03×××× corresponds (China) trainee of management department of product line of center of research and development
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