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Pattern plate of resume of human affairs commissioner
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Full name: XXX

Sexual distinction: Female

Nation: Chinese

Political appearance: Member

Record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning

Professional: Secret of public relations article

Graduate school: University Department of Chinese Language and Literature leaves south

What learn course: The secretary learns, solid Wu of article secret writing, public relations, negotiation learns, culture of writing of language of human psychology, public concern, public relations, application, plutonomy, philosophy, foreign country history, archives management learns, Chinese culture history etc.

Additional: Self-educated cross Xu Guozhang English to reach 4. Entering politics of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine to manage undergraduate course record of formal schooling and English now 2 record of formal schooling. And oneself have a driver's license. Oneself have the practice experience that works 4 years in the large company of international level.

Working experience:

* 1995 year in May---1997 XX company

Antechamber dest clerk and downstage government work, and very get ranking administrator and fellow worker reputably

* 1997 year---1999 XX company

Chief of concern of employee of human affairs department

Do a factory to groom for new employee, make daily briefing, the management of faculty welfare and harmonious, built faculty is basic the input of information library, safeguard, change and inquiry, the application program that runs supervisory staff to the working circumstance of ministry of human affairs of upper section feedback on time and the conduction circumstance organization of all sorts of formalities, prepare, direct all sorts of large activities

Company of XX of * 1999 the beginning of the year

Foreman of human affairs ministry

Supervisory management is total all sorts of activities of committee of material benefits of employee service, employee, all sorts of welfare that are in charge of nearly 5000 employee if: Pay material benefits, groom wait to report integral job circumstance to make the job plan to superior on time, supervise those who manage human affairs ministry and faculty to communicate a circumstance

Individual brief introduction:

Work in big company, make I learned the knowledge that many schools do not have and administrative technical ability. Oneself use 5 words model Chinese types speed minutely 80 to 90 words; English audition, say, read, write ability to reach 4 grade level (be in at present) of record of formal schooling of undergraduate course of administration of attend in a advanced studies; Relatively be goot at having social activity, have the experience that organizes all sorts of literary activities more; Be like,can apply Microsoft Office(adroitly: Word, Excel, Exchange, PhotoEditer, Powerpoint, Frontpage, Ulead Iphoto Express) the experience of foreign enterprise work that all sorts of functions have efficient office routine; is had a few years. This person job is serious, responsible meticulous, and have very strong responsibility heart and enterprise.
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