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Obtain employment of graduate of disaster area book has new channel
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Graduate of book of disaster area of earthquake is in Beijing had new obtain employment channel. A few days ago, the exercitation of obtain employment of Beijing undergraduate outside school of center of communication of talent of Beijing committee of science and technology serves platform---Book of “ earthquake disaster area gives birth to obtain employment to help ” commonweal activity be started formally in Beijing graduation.

Introduce according to this platform controller, graduate of book of seismic disaster area returns countryside to see a dear one in succession after the earthquake passes, rebuild home, also missed the gold period in Beijing obtain employment at the same time. Additional, spot invite applications for a job pauses during the Olympic Games. Such, the obtain employment opportunity of the student of book of seismic disaster area that returns Beijing decreases relatively. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, this center started this activity, the hope just can face these students to be helped somewhat in obtain employment, let them have a steady work and income, self-made, go all out to become strong, rebuild with what better state of mind goes helping native place project.

During the activity, have the person that technical staff welcomes the to apply for a job that comes round to register, undertake on-the-spot guidance, establish record of to apply for a job, recommend to the enterprise, the staff that helps obtain employment difficulty undertakes an analysis, provide support of corresponding obtain employment, the student that misses obtain employment to suffer an earthquake to affect added a kind of new obtain employment channel.