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Hangzhou of graduate average monthly pay the 4th
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Net of wisdom couplet invite applications for a job releases graduate firewood to propose a toast statistic studies, the object of this second investigation, the age arrives 30 years old with 26 years old between give priority to, what hold proportion for 38% , record of formal schooling is given priority to with undergraduate course, what hold proportion for 41.8% .

Investigate discovery, in different city, fulfil has graduate firewood to differ apparently, among them Shanghai with 2899 yuan / the month resides head of a list of names posted up, beijing with 2699 yuan / the month resides the 3rd. Hangzhou with 2487 yuan / the month resides the 4th.

Between disparate industry, the graduate firewood fulfil with financial industry is highest 2008, it is 2725 yuan / month, other and ordinal for high-tech industry 2406 yuan / month, manufacturing industry 2387 yuan / month, estate 2242 yuan / month, consumable 2080 yuan / month. And compared 2007, the graduate firewood fulfil of each industries all has the growth of different level. Among them, finance, high-tech and the increase rate that consume moral course of study all are 9% , manufacturing industry is 8% , estate increase rate is 3% .

A more interesting phenomenon is, between not congenial enterprise, the lowest having salary that the state-owend enterprise gives out, have 1946 yuan only / month, under photograph comparing, civilian look forward to has 2106 yuan / month. And solely invested enterprise criterion with 2957 yuan / month be far ahead.