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Zhang Dejiang Building Talent Innovation Talents
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CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang talent development in China today, Mr forum stressed the need to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, conscientiously implement the spirit of the national work conference on human long-term talent development and implementation of national planning framework, respect the labor , respect knowledge, respect talent, respect for creation, adhere to the implementation of this strategy, Stick to the principle of priority to establish the talent development strategy, innovation and talent development system and mechanism, development and utilization of both domestic and international human resources to speed up a train grand talent, out of a country with talented people with Chinese characteristics, the road to socialist modernization and provide a strong guarantee and a wide range of human intelligence support. Zhang Dejiang fully affirmed China's achievements in human development and pointed out that since the reform and opening up have made remarkable achievements in China is an important reason is that all kinds of talents continue to emerge, for the modernization to provide a strong personnel and intellectual support; reform Since opening we have made a great achievement, is gradually formed a strong contingent of qualified personnel; modernization construction in China since reform and opening up a valuable experience, great attention is the development of qualified personnel, give full play to the role of all kinds of talents. Zhang Dejiang stressed that human resources are the primary resources. Accelerate the construction of human power, the whole Party and a major strategic task. In the new century and new stage of the competition in overall national strength in order to take the initiative to promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development path of scientific development, to achieve a comprehensive well-off society and modernization construction of the grand goals, the key is to make a huge number of become a huge population, resources and human resources, the huge human resources into a huge human resources to speed up a Major talent from the talent power forward. Zhang Dejiang pointed out the need to conscientiously implement the Party's seventh session of the Fifth Plenum, really good job in human resources work under the new situation, fully complete the national planning framework and long-term talent development strategy proposed by the task. To the high-level talent, shortage of social and economic expertise needed in key areas, focusing on balance and coordination, accelerate the construction of large-scale, structural optimization, rational layout, quality of personnel. To adhere to deepen reform and vigorously promote the development of human resources priority system, policies and innovation, to create their talent, a good environment for talented people. Emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, based on national conditions, a bold reference, further explore the laws of human development to guide the practice of building talent, accelerating development of human resources. China Development Forum, this talent is Human Resources and Social Security was first held, human resources and social security Yin Weimin, Minister presided over the opening ceremony, the central state departments, human resources and social security systems, universities, research institutions and More than 570 enterprises attended the forum on behalf of.