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Luohe City The construction and talent gathering interaction win-win
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Tianyuan Tech Co., Ltd. is Luohe environmental focus of this year talent from overseas projects, the city has a one-time business start-up capital 11,200,000 yuan investment, the introduction of a high-level talents in America, support the first phase investment of 40 million yuan start environmental protection projects, the project is completed After the first year sales of up to 1 billion, the second year up to 3 million. In recent years, the project Luohe adhere to the integration of talent and development, in personnel policy, people who use, talent driven aspects of new initiatives to combine talents and projects to promote scientific development, leapfrog development. Optimization of a project to introduce demand-oriented personnel policy. Bachelor degree or above the open recruitment of personnel to industrial clustering and the City, given the work of key enterprises, clearly states: All year received more than 20 college graduates and more than 2 years with the graduates entered the labor contract, the standard 1,000 yuan per person the financial position of enterprises in the municipal subsidies. Introduction of business graduate students, grant per person per month, ranging from 800-1000 yuan subsidy. Since 2009, the city as Shineway Group, Silver Pigeon Group, Xiaoshuai only food companies and other enterprises and key projects for the introduction of undergraduate talent than 2,000 people, including 85 master's degrees or people. Exercise training in project construction personnel. Selected each year from 100 units directly under the deputy county reserve cadres and professional and technical cadres, helping set the 100 key enterprises in cities. 2 consecutive years, set up to send hundreds of outstanding legal services lawyers group, contact the city's 100 key enterprises, the provision of legal services. Carried out in 2010, the city's investment activities, selected 120 outstanding party and government personnel, to Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other places fall investment, the introduction of various projects within a month of 55, with a total investment of 6.16 billion yuan. To promote the introduction of the carrier personnel stationed in the project. Vigorously implement the innovative and pioneering leader in the introduction of engineering talent, and strive to achieve the introduction of a talent, the rise of one industry, bringing a number of projects results. Fujian Heng Group Linying settled after the city has gathered more than 30 commercial enterprises in Fujian to Linying invest.