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Xunyang create the conditions for outstanding talent
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"Xunyang entrepreneurial environment is very good, I work here 14 months before being promoted quickly appointed it!" ASIA talking about his appointment, the joy was palpable. ASIA 29-year-old who is of Jiangsu Dongtai, 2009, Science and Technology from the University of Technology Xi'an University of Architecture, Department of Economics and Management Master Degree, when July was Xunyang Industrial Park open recruitment exercise. In order to play its expertise, the park Let him be responsible for planning, surveying and mapping, the investment budget, and technical guidance, and he soon became expert in the park, work was generally praised by everyone. This year in September, the first selection in the county academic competition of the National Education Branch township party and government cadres, ASIA from 130 people to stand out, there are 12 outstanding young cadres and ASIA as to be promoted. To speed up the development of the county's economic and social breakthrough, Xunyang the introduction of talent with the introduction of intelligence, the introduction of the project combined research with important issues, key projects, focusing on industrial development, we should actively explore the project implementation Into the type cited only mechanism to gather high-level personnel. In 2009, the county industrial park with the construction of the national comprehensive agricultural development, demonstration areas and the national focus on small water conservancy construction of the actual work the county, has introduced the Master 6, agriculture Bachelor 12 Water Industry, education and health systems professionals and technical personnel 163 people. Since 2008, Xunyang met with Chang'an University, Xi'an University of Architectural Science and Technology signed an agreement to build the county schools, the establishment of national education in Xunyang teaching points, innovative personnel training methods. Hydraulic technology has been introduced in the current 4 Three to five-year training course, 326 college entrance examination into the training of cadres through adult learning. To speed up the industrial economic development, the county also with eight institutions to conduct scientific research and promotion, personnel exchange and training cooperation, more than 300 selected College for full-time training staff to explore the implementation of the "directional Wei Pei, R & D, combining production," the personnel training to broaden the channels cited only gather wisdom, and enhance the talent competition. In order for talents have its uses, Xunyang personnel quality and ability to post the actual needs and together, get rid of "seniority, demanding perfection" and other stereotypes, and establish a competitive merit-based and independent scientific Careers mechanism, full implementation of the "public recommendation of public choice, public discussion of public comments," cadre selection and management mechanism, a clear preferential policies to eliminate the worry and strive to find the right talent for each job, their talent and development stage Space.