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High-tech job market over the weekend will have three special recruitment
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This weekend, the Hangzhou Hi-tech job market (Wen San Road, No. 199) will hold three job fairs, which are Saturday and the high-tech enterprise recruitment special recruitment UOB shares, and on Sunday held special recruitment Bosch Packaging. Saturday's high-tech enterprise job fairs nearly 40 high-tech enterprises to participate in, many of them country-core technology, superior to communications, business software and other large enterprises, the introduction of nearly a thousand jobs. IT and technology jobs is still the class of the mainstream of business needs, accounting for 70% of total demand. Colin Power, cool blog network information technology enterprises to provide more than 10 jobs, superior to communications, the Bank is guided technology provides more than 40 technical category positions. UOB shares experience in security equipment are welcome to come to apply for the relevant personnel. Bosch Bosch Packaging also set up a training program manager, has a study abroad experience or country Internships and work experience outside, be given priority. In addition to technical staff, the sales, customer service is also a great demand for such jobs. As the technology will need to sell the relevant staff of 15 people; Wyse Technology Electronic Technology, Inc. In addition to class positions, but also introduced a senior sales representatives, business representatives, assistant general manager of 10 administrative positions. UOB shares also need to recruit overseas sales engineer, account manager, Bosch has also introduced the post of marketing trainee, for students in school. Market Talents can also be at the fair in this race on, good foreign language would be a good stepping stone. December, high-tech zones will also Bosch talent market, the National Core Technology, West Otis and other large enterprises to hold special recruitment company, will also host for the 2011 graduates of the online recruitment, the details see the high-tech talent network www.hhrc.com.cn.