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Job Fair in Shenzhen from 8000 to 15,000 yuan compensation Jingxian
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Yesterday, located in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Polytechnic, including hiring the venue to attract deep-vocational college, Shenzhen University, Guangzhou University and other universities about 5,000 students, 130 more than the company admitted Recruiting, providing 2,966 jobs. The same day, international shipping company in Shenzhen Hai Xing out of the senior seamen 8000-15000 yuan / month in the highest pay in Shenzhen venue. With the shuttle at the booth busy promoting their own graduates compared to graduates in mind some very easy. Last term, deep-Electrical and Mechanical College and Vocational-Technical College Guangdong Nuclear Power Group signed a joint agreement on personnel training, Daisheng Jun, 25 boys after several rounds of evaluation, applicants from more than 200 wins, was identified as the order training students. This semester, the China Guangdong Nuclear Power has opened for the 25 nuclear water chemistry, steam turbine power generation, nuclear materials, courses, targeted very strong. December 1, China Guangdong Nuclear and 25 students signed the employment agreement. Therefore, the already "unofficially crowned" the Daisheng Jun, who came to recruit on-site course work just to complete the job. This reporter learned that, in the deep vocational college, a number of secondary colleges and business carried out orders for training, such as jewelry professional and business jointly organized the "Ideal Jewelry" Training Room, College of Automotive Engineering and Business jointly organized the "Air Sheng as the training classes, "and so on. Deeply involved in teaching the employing enterprise, as part of the train graduates for employment, schools and enterprises to achieve a win-win situation.