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Yunnan is new in old software limited company
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Yunnan is new in old software limited company held water 2003 bottom, it is the China's at present oldest business management software that provides competition ability most development business, supplier and supplier of solution of times of electronic business affairs - new in area of Yunnan of old software Inc. always acts as agent. Major is engaged in enterprise or business of software of unit informatization system seek advice, the business such as Wu of sale, executive kimono. New in three-year institution of higher learning is noted for enterprise or business unit informatization construction offers comprehensive solution, what get a client is extensive approbate, obtained very good result.
Basically be dominant product with finance affairs and business management software, complementary wait for series software with electronic business affairs, project management, passed the strict evaluation of the Ministry of finance. Unit number: 7406356 belong to an industry: The computer is in an area: Kunming unit property: Number of private enterprise employee: 50 people register fund below: 10 thousand units of 100-500 homepage:
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