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Limited company of Kunming Yumeng IT
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Brief introduction of limited company of Kunming Yumeng IT

One, company fundamental condition
1, company condition introduces:
Limited company of Kunming Yumeng IT held water 2002 up to now, act on “ Ming Licheng letter, solidarity to respect property, be realistic the enterprise of abide by the law ” manages record of innovation, abide by concept, achieve IT to serve a brand with “ , do fine business, raise top-ranking handsome appearance! ” is company goal, advancing enterprise and governmental informatization construction is the service tenet of the company and mission. The company is software of management of small and medium sized business of SAP Business One of German SAP company the sale that is in Yunnan area carries out service partner; The company is compositive office of abstruse code OA group a total representative of platform Yunnan province; The company pursues system of computer soft hardware, information equipment of construction of compositive, network, OA; For ERP of business management software (with friendly, Jin Die) agent; Application of automation project solid bestow and relevant technical service; The company is Han Guang beautiful Ke Ni blocks copycat industry to act as agent; In the meantime, the company devotes oneself to to be engaged in report calculating all the time change groom the job; With friendly, Jin Die financial software grooms.

2, company framework
The company sets a system branch of lira of advisory department of integrated ministry, compositive ministry, Erp product executive ministry, IT government, sweet case.

3, the service of the company
The company holds to “ to be forerunner with science and technology, it is with the talent essential, it is core with the market, base oneself upon the tenet at serving ” , develop to the bibcock company direction that establishs Yunnan to save high-tech hard; The company is forerunner with science and technology, track market new technology, new science and technology closely, devote oneself to the promotion of product of new and high technology ceaselessly, perfect oneself distribute market ceaselessly, enhance the delayed effect that the company grows; The company is with the talent essential, all-around the outstanding talent that inducts social all circles extensively joins in. Staff of eaves dream company with admirable professional morality, rigorous working style, the spirit of height that respect property, outstanding group consciousness, comfortable working space, good company image is shaped in course of study of person of the same trade. The company is core with the market, through perfecting careful market analysis, fine product quality, support has pioneering spirit one batch and had sufferred the salesperson that good sale skill grooms, make management outstanding achievement grows steadily; Company base oneself upon at the service, the moving mechanism of the resource conformity ” that uses “ to be a center with the client and constituent system, cooperate by technical ministry and after service ministry, with outstanding, quick after service, win the client's reliance; It is good to make a reputation, defend the top-ranking IT major with actor of contract, service, complete technology company, good reputation and company image were established in broad client and information product partner.
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